Saturday, 21 January 2012


        Yea, we all know it's a stitch up and the financial Mafia are the only ones who gain. I am of course talking about the banking system and the cosy relationship with the ratings agencies and the IMF (International Mankind Fuckers).
         Here are a couple of quotes from that informative site THINK LEFT.

     "Who elected them? Who gave them their power? Who was it who decided that these companies and no other should have the right to assess the credit worthiness of whole nations? Where is the oversight? Where is the public accountability? Where is the peer review system able to judge the accuracy of their ratings? Who assesses the assessors, in other words?"
        "---So what happens when a nation like Greece has its credit rating downgraded to junk status? Basically it can’t borrow, which means it can’t get money to service its debts. The IMF moves in, and the country is forced to sell off its assets to pay its debts. It’s like a garage sale of public assets. Everything must go, at rock bottom prices. And who benefits from this? Well the banks, of course. The banks get to buy up the public assets, which they can then “monetise”. They get to own the Parthenon and the Lottery and the country is forced into even greater debt, having now lost its only forms of income.
       It is legalised theft, and all enabled by that fictional “credit rating” provided by the ratings agencies in the first place. It is by this process that the world is being driven into further and further indebtedness to the banks.----"
Read the complete article HERE.
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