Sunday, 1 January 2012


        I suppose at the start of the year and claiming to be an "anarchist" and advocater of "anarchy" I should make it a wee bit clearer what I personally mean when I use these two words. I know there are a multitude of meanings out there and I don't state these as the difinitive word on either, just what I personally mean when I use them.

Anarchy - 

      Without (an-) ruler (archos). To my way of thinking this doesn't mean, a free-for-all. My interpretation is, I am responsible for ALL my actions and accept ALL the consequences of those actions. It is a freedom that comes with one basic human responsibility, you govern yourself, instead of abdicating to some external authoritarian coercive group or individual, be it dictator, president, monarch, religion or government, In essence, no Gods, no Masters.

Anarchism -

       A political theory advocating the elimination of governments, also the elimination of authority over any individual, be it religious, gender or race. Society based on mutual aid, free association and voluntary co-operation.

        I think, together, these two definitions are not a bad way to live. Certainly an excellent place to start.

       It would be nice to know what is your personal interpretation of these two words.

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