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Support Barbara in Court - victimised over Scottish census
10am Wednesday
25th January, Dumbarton Sheriff Court, over non-payment of a fine for blockading Faslane
10am Thursday 26 January in Court 16, Glasgow Sheriff Court, over the census.
       Barbara Dowling is being charged under the Census Act, accused of not filling in her census form properly. Barbara will be defending herself.
The trial will be at 10am in Court 16, Glasgow Sheriff Court Thursday 26 January.


Or come a bit earlier to show your support outside the court
        Bring placards and banners, Please come along and show your support even if you can only spare a short time. Countless Scots have either failed to fill in their census forms or returned them partially completed or improved by critical comments, but have not been prosecuted. Barbara's victimisation is inexplicable.
       CACI, the firm that helped run Abu Ghraib and also helped run Scotland's Census, has so far dodged any accountability in law for its involvement in abuse and torture. It claims immunity in the US as a government contractor. And in Scotland the Crown Office refused to prosecute CACI, initially claiming lack of jurisdiction.
Barbara is the first person to be tried in Scotland over objections to the 2011 census. SHE NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT.
      Barbara will also be in court on 25 Jan over non-payment of a fine incurred for blockading Faslane nuclear Base. Barbara is refusing to pay the fine and risks a jail sentence:

10am 25th January, Dumbarton Sheriff Court.
- support in court welcome

      "The Scottish government, and any government with a principled stance, should not be going near any firm with such associations, even indirectly. The government is opening itself up to significant and justified protest. Ordinary members of the public could refuse to have anything to do with the census. A boycott is something to be considered. It would be a legitimate step. We cannot ignore our principles." - Solicitor Advocate John Scott, 2008.

       "Now it seems the Scottish government is already closing its eyes to what is going on overseas. Would we say it was OK if a firm connected to Mugabe was hired to run our census? It is unacceptable that they have been hired. This will horrify most ordinary people It is unacceptable that the Scottish government should be selling its soul to an organisation accused of torturing human beings." - Solicitor Aamer Anwar, 2008

More background and news at ethicalcensus.org.uk
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