Thursday, 3 May 2012


           It's election day, the day when we, the common herd, are promised the earth. The day when the Crooks and Liars hang about to see just how popular they are, will they get back on the gravy train or will they have to ask their cronies for pay back, for all the favours the handed out while they were in the trough with both hands. Will it be a new shining smile that will take their place in the hallowed halls of power. One thing for sure, whoever gets “voted” in will do their own standard of living a power of good.
         It never fails to amaze me that failed promises after failed promises from tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum, and lots of people still run and cast their wee X in the belief that this crop of Crooks and Liars will somehow be different from the last lot of Crooks and Liars. They say that one of the signs of insanity is to keep doing the same thing time after time, but hoping for a different result, perhaps that is the answer. Or could it be that the Crooks and Liars, with the help of the media have woven a very clever illusion.

        In my long, long experience in watching these Crooks and Liars competitions they call elections, I have to admit that this one is about the quietest I have witnessed. I think I have had one party political leaflet through the door but no callers preaching their particular brand of lies, now that's hardly enthusiastic. Perhaps the reason for this could be that this particular gang of Crooks and Liars are aware of what the public at large think of them, and so are keeping a rather low profile.
       Low profile or not, low turnout or not, there will be a gang of Crooks and Liars taking their seats in those marble halls and divvying up the proceeds, each making sure that their future is secured in the system and seeing to the welfare of their cronies. That's how this system works, it's a privileged club and you and I are not members, we merely fund it.

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