Wednesday, 2 May 2012


       This video shows how “austerity cuts” are pushed through in Greece, the resentment and anger of the people at the savage slashing of their living standards, is met with unbridled brutality. While the unelected leader of the Greek government forces through the dictate of the financial Mafia, the state's muscle men are on the streets doing their damnedest to instil subservience through fear. It is not that the Greek state is any more brutal than any other European state, it is just that the Greek people are being hit harder by the “deficit reduction” plan, and are therefore showing more anger, so have to be beaten down harder by the Greek state, who are doing no more than any other state will do, should they feel the need. As the number of people in the UK being pushed into poverty rises, unemployment soars and social services are slashed, we can expect to see the anger spill onto the streets, it is then we will see the UK state unleash its well trained, well kitted out riot police to do its duty, and brutally subdue the will of the people. Nothing must stand in the way of the plunder of public assets, nothing must hinder the transfer of wealth from the public to the private bank accounts of the financial Mafia.


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