Friday, 11 May 2012


          We should never see what is happening in Greece as something divorced from us here in the UK segment of the corporate fascist's world. The only difference between us and Greece is that they are further down the line of the "Great Austerity Plan", (read "transferring all public assets into corporate hands"). Because of the resistance of the Greek people, we are now hear simperings of a change in tactics with the word "growth" being thrown around, all that "growth" will mean is a slight slowing down of the stripping of public assets, not the reversal. Greece is the front line at the moment and we should always try to be aware of what is happening there, it is a sketch of what we will have to go through as the "Great Austerity Plan" relentlessly marches on. It should not be taken as a given that if the poeople rebel they will all be waving red and black flags, there is a lot of money and power available to those on the other side. One simple tactic being used in Greece by the fascist Goden Dawn mob, is that they went about the poorer areas handing out food parcels, and in time of hunger, the hand that feeds you can seem like your friend.
This from Occupied London:

         The future historian will easily draw a line at the end of the Greek Metapolitefsi (the post-dictatorial regime) somewhere between May5th, 2010 and yesterday — the date of the first elections in this new era. Nothing resembles what we used to live a few years ago. As anarchists, anti-authoritarians, people opposed to any form of representation, the electoral process does not concern us. And yet, it is crucial in tracing societal changes — and what is happening in Greece at the moment is immense. For the first time since the Nazi occupation, an openly Nazi party has officially entered the echelons of political power. While the Left celebrates a “victory” it will be unable to capitalise on in any tangible way, few seem to be reading through this temporary, murky shift-around of the mainstream political balance of power.
        Society in the greek territory is polarising rapidly. The one pole, the pole of the far-right, the misanthropic facade of the current system of capitalist exploitation, is forming quickly. The crucial task ahead is for our pole to form faster even; for us to understand that the times (not so far) ahead will involve a fight to shift society as a whole in an emancipatory direction. A struggle to keep our cities, our streets, our spaces clean from misanthropic nazi scum. But also, and most importantly, a struggle and a race to occupy the space left behind by a crumbling, retreating system of order; we’d better get going.

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