Saturday, 12 May 2012


     They call it democracy, the people call it dictatorship, and it is, dictatorship by the financial Mafia. As usual, the state will do what is necessary to carry out it's instructions, handed down by the robber barons that make up the financial mafia. These scenes will be repeated in city after city where the people stand up against the "austerity plan" which is to plunder all public assets. If your one of those who think that voting sorts things out, just remember, no matter who you voted for, you will get the "austerity plan", and ConDem austerity is not that different from Labour austerity and across Europe we have Social Democratic austerity, Christian Democratic austerity and 57 other varieties. In each the colour is slightly different, but the smell is just the same. Sometimes to make the "austerity" seem a little more palatable, they will add a magic ingredient, called "growth". Then we can all rejoice, we will have austerity with growth.

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