Friday, 25 May 2012


Message from Unite Against Fascism.

          The Scottish Defence League (SDL) won their court case today, so for the first time these racists will be allowed to march in Scotland. It is outrageous that a Sheriff sees fit to grant racists a march. Racism is not acceptable on the football terraces so why does she think it is acceptable on our streets?
Today’s Unite Against Fascism press release on the court decision can be seen at:
          However while the SDL will be kept on Regent Road, out of sight of almost everyone, we will march right through the middle of town. Unite Against Fascism urges you to come to the Grassmarket for 12 noon, we will then march up to George IV Bridge, down the High St and across The Bridges to Waterloo Place/Regent Road. We will then have a rally with a broad platform of speakers outside St Andrews House. Our march and rally will be well stewarded and safe.
        It is really important that everyone comes to this march. We need to set down a marker that allowing racists to march is not acceptable. Please bring your relatives, friends and colleagues.
We need to demonstrate that they are a minority and that the overwhelming majority say no to racists and Nae Nazis in Edinburgh.
Saturday May 26 12 noon Grassmarket, Edinburgh
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  1. ... or go to Regent Road and get them chased. As yer conscience affords folks...