Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Behind The Smoke And Mirrors.

     Any state will run ragged over the rights it professes to protect, and will shred whatever legislation it dreamed up, supposedly for our benefit, whenever it feels threatened. Since the Greek state is in the midst of chaos, we can expect it to be blind to is own brutal judicial system and to twist, break, and ignore that structure as it tries to eliminate any opposition. Its existence is more important than the people it proclaims to protect, the illusion is dropped, the gloves come off. Brutal repression and intimidation are the only methods it has at its disposal. Sadly there are still those ordinary people who believe the smoke and mirrors to be reality, and "do their bit" to help the authorities. Like anonymously handing in a piece of paper with a name, address and phone number, is deemed to be doing your duty and set in motion the beast of state repression. This was the "evidence" that brought about the following case.

  ------Many might wonder why I specifically was indicted, and based on what evidence… The case file clearly proves, through witnesses’ statements, photographic material and videos from surveillance cameras that I had nothing to do with any attack, at any time, that day in the centre of Athens, as I have mentioned earlier through my writings. In their persistent desire to produce results, the State Security agents and judicial authorities focus on me through an exterior feature that I had in common with the alleged perpetrator, and most likely with thousands of other protesters that day. They also focus on the fact that I belong inside this political space—the anarchist-antiauthoritarian space. According to their paranoid reasoning, ‘if there’s a similarity in this feature, and he is antiauthoritarian, we regard him as suspect.’ Just like the empty beer bottles, which when possessed by antiauthoritarians are materials for manufacturing Molotov cocktails, as in the case of the eviction of Villa Amalias squat. Trying to wrap up their serious criminal case by whatever means possible, wanting to demonstrate their effectiveness in the security sector, they are now targeting anyone who participates in demonstrations and resists the state of emergency…
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