Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Showcase Glasgow, Hide The Learning Disabilities.

        We are on the final preparations from the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, 2014. We have been informed that this is an opportunity to showcase Glasgow. There will be journalists and TV cameras everywhere, well not exactly everywhere. Our lords and masters in the Kremlin in George Square will not want to showcase the demolition of the Accord Centre in the East End of Glasgow. This was a centre for young people with severe learning difficulties which has been demolished to make way for a bus park for the games. Hardly shows a caring attitude from the cabal called the Glasgow Council, certainly one that they will not want to showcase, but one that we, the ordinary people should certainly shout from the rooftops. 

     This is a transcript of an extensive Glasgow Games Monitor 2014 interview with carers from the East End Carers group/Save the Accord campaign. The Accord centre was a day care centre for young adults with severe learning difficulties that has now been demolished to make way for a bus park for the Commonwealth Games 2014. No adequate replacement has since been made available. The East End of Glasgow currently has no stable and sustainable facilities for learning disabled people. Carers and users from the Accord centre describe in detail the history of their campaign, providing an important corrective to the misinformation produced by Glasgow City Council. They also voice the negative impact of ‘modernisation’ policies of ‘self-directed support’ (SDS) and personalisation on service users and their carers, and their personal thoughts on the supposed benefits of urban regeneration due to the Games and the Clyde Gateway development projects.
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