Saturday, 20 July 2013

We Will Make Money From Your Child's Illness.

       As our millionaire cabal in The Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption slice and dice our health service into portions suitable for their corporate friends to swallow, we can expect conditions to deteriorate. As the corporate greed machine gets more and more control over our NHS, profit will be the governing factor and its only purpose. Some seem to naively believe that somehow the NHS is so necessary for the well being of the people, that the state couldn't let it collapse, after all the state is there to serve us!!! In the eyes of our lords and masters, it won't collapse, it will be transformed into a giant corporate feeding trough. The health of the people always takes its place down the list when the financial mafia rule the roost, as they do today. You will receive treatment according to the money in your bank account.
       We can take a look at what has happened to the health service in Greece, the Greek state, a developed European state and member of the EU, has watched it's health service disintegrate before its very eyes. It is safe to say that Greece no longer has a health service, it has been sacrificed at the altar of austerity. Meanwhile, people can't afford their medicine, chemist run out of medical supplies, patient beds are housed in corridors and health problems are mushrooming among the general population. This is all done to honour the money barons sitting in their marble halls. We live in an insane system where the health and well being of the people plays second fiddle to the bank accounts of the financial mafia.

      On 19 July 2013 the new minister of health Adonios Georgiades (an extreme-Rigth MP) went to the Attiko hospital for an inspection accompanied by TV cameras. However, ministry officials passed by earlier to make sure that no patients are not to be seen in camp beds in the hospital corridors. Patients had to squeeze into rooms (8 patients in 4 bed rooms) temporarily until the minister and the TV cameras leave, so everything would look good ιν the TV. When the minister arrived doctors and patients protested for the ridiculous scenario and the budget cuts in health care, so riot police stormed the hospital faciltiies to protect the minister and keep the protesters away from the cameras.
Are we looking at our tomorrow??

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