Sunday, 28 July 2013

Brazil, A Month Of Rebellion, Now Everything Is Fine!!!

      Mass protests are now an everyday occurrence across the globe, as the people try to shake off the shackles of this exploitative, repressive, corrupt capitalist system. Some, we get distorted details of from that babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, others we hear very little. During the month of June the whole of Brazil exploded in mass rebellion, there were a few mainstream broadcasts of images, but no real detail of what was going on. A month later and as far as the babbling brook of bullshit is concerned, it's all over and forgotten. What really went on? what is still happening? Are the people now back doing their law abiding duties? A country explodes in rebellion and a month later all is forgotten? So the powers that be would have you believe.

Obviously a vicious terrorist, but which one?

     There is a very detailed article from Crimethink:
"-----The anticipation building up to the fifth major demonstration was intense. It was called for June 17. The media was buzzing. GLobo—the biggest TV company of Brazil and one of the world’s biggest—interrupted their programming to disseminate news about the demonstrations. Initially, the corporate media depicted the movement as a bunch of criminals; then, when it gained momentum, they began to make a distinction between peaceful protesters and vandals in an attempt to marginalize the more radical sectors.
     Yet once again, the demonstration assumed a radical character. Large banks, chain stores, and department stores were beautified with graffiti; protesters nearly overran the headquarters of the state government of São Paulo, the Palácio dos Bandeirantes; busses were vandalized…
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