Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Blood Money.

      The UK state, like all states, works not so much with double standards but with multiple standards. As the UK state sits on its throne built by past colonialism and brutal exploitation and corruption, it passes judgment on other states criticising their human rights record and their civil rights abuses. While at the same time selling them weapons with which to repress the local population. According to The Independent, the UK state has issued more than 3,000 export licences for intelligence and military equipment to countries which it has put on its official list of, guilty of human rights abuses.

      Of course this shouldn't surprise us as the present system has nothing to do with human rights or civil rights, it's all about capitalism. Profit for the corporations overrides all other human concerns. In our greed driven thirst for profit we deliberately turned Libya into a land of warlords, factions and militia, but still manage to sell them more than £54 million worth of military equipment. Our "Honourable Gentlemen" in those Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, are always banging on about those evil countries of Zimbabwe and Iran, but we still managed to sell the former £3 million worth of military equipment, while selling Iran a whopping £803+ million of military equipment, which if our lords and masters have their way will be used against UK troops when we decide to attack that country for its oil and gas.
       Then there is that bastion of democracy and equal rights for women, Saudi Arabia, our UK purveyors of death managed to sell them a staggering £1,863+ million of weapons and equipment. If we turn our eyes to that land of genocide and apartheid, Israel, well you need a lot of military muscle to maintain such a brutal system, so we were able to sell them an eye watering £7,879+ million of military equipment, which the Zionists and settlers, (stealers of Palestinian land) will be truly grateful. 

      Weapons may seem alright in self defence, but only an insane system of greed would make money from arming yourselves and then selling arms to those you are supposed to be arming yourself against. That's the crazy, greedy, brutal and destructive system that we tolerate today.
       The state is the enemy, the state creates wars, the state needs the arms industry. We the people don't need the state, we don't want wars, we don't need the arms industry. We can create a world of co-operation, mutual aid, and sustainability, free from the corrupting influence of power and profit.

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