Friday, 8 August 2014

The Tunnels.

       I have always maintained that Israel wants the whole of the Palestinian territory for a "Greater Israel" and what goes on in Gaza and elsewhere in the Palestinian territories is nothing short of genocide. This latest inhumane slaughter being administered by Israel on the people of Gaza, is claimed as destroying "the tunnels", which they claim are used to attack Israel and smuggle in arms. If your borders are sealed and nothing can go in or out, how do you survive? I'm a great believer in the ingenuity of the ordinary people in the face of arduous and life threatening conditions. If the means of survival can't come in by road, sea or air, then the only alternative is to die or find another way of getting those necessities of life. Perhaps the tunnels do bring in weapons, but the proof seems to be that they are mainly used to keep the people of Gaza alive. Everything from livestock to sugar, parts to fix what they already have, to cement. These tunnels are a leak in the Israeli blockade of Gaza and is allowing Gaza to survive, so they must be destroyed. The genocide goes on under a cloak of many guises, the biggest is self defence. One of the most powerful military nations on the planet, continually blasts, bombs and strangles a small territory which has no army as such, no military defence, and Israel calls it self defence, while the world looks on. Genocide, no other word fits the situation.

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