Saturday, 16 August 2014

Who Pays For The UK's Growth?

       So the EU recover has stalled, while the UK's growth and GDP outstrips the rest of Europe. Feeling good? Me neither, as members of the financial Mafia rub their grubby, sweaty hands in glee at the UK "growth", you and I see incomes shrink as increases, if any, are away below inflation rate. We are facing eternally growing fuel bills, increased food bills, cuts in social services and benefits. This is the fruits of their "growth", corporations making millions as their labour cost drop at our expense. All this waffle about growth is intended to mask what is really happening, all the wealth is being syphoned upwards from the public to the systems wealth hoarders.

       One feature of the UK growth was revealed in a recent report. Every day nearly 600 household in England are at risk of losing their home. Figures from the Ministry of Justice reveal that last year, 210,000 homes in England were at risk of repossession or eviction. Figures from Shelter state that in Scotland, every hour, a family losses their home.  Figures are similar else where in the UK.    
       This is just one of the many stresses that are heaped on the ordinary people of this country because of the economic system that we tolerate. This is the true face of "austerity", their plan to create a low wage, sweatshop economy.

      No individual or family should have to face the threat of eviction, a policy that is there, with no other purpose, than to safeguard the members of the financial Mafia, and to protect their plunder and looted gains.

      You know we can do better than this, all we have to do is get all those greedy wealth laden parasites off our backs, and take control of our own lives. We don't need them, they are superfluous to requirements. 
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