Wednesday, 27 August 2014

What Is TTIP?

     What is TTIP? Well if it is being discussed and developed in secret, behind closed doors, between transnational corporations and governments, you can rest assured it will not be for the benefit of the ordinary people. It will in fact, shred what little protection we have against the ruthless drive for profit by those transnational corporations.
An appeal from 38 degrees:
      Three days and counting: on Saturday, 38 Degrees members in Glasgow North East are meeting up to spread the word about a sinister EU-US trade deal called TTIP. [1]
       The deal is huge, and almost no one knows about it. [2] And that’s exactly what the powerful interests behind it want. So a whopping 8,018 38 Degrees members are volunteering in almost every constituency in the UK on Saturday. They’ll be talking to their neighbours and ramping up the pressure just before MPs come back from their summer holidays.
       Here’s how you can help. Every volunteer, like John who live near you, is getting a pack of materials in the post - leaflets, posters, badges. Each pack costs just £3.27. They’re as cheap as they can be, but they aren’t free.
     Could you help cover the cost of a pack or two? For £6.54, you could pay for 200 leaflets: that’s up to 200 more people who’ll know how dangerous this behind-closed-doors deal is. Not bad for £6.54.
Please click here to chip in now:
      38 Degrees is funded entirely by people like you. [3] Not by big business, or by political parties. That means we’re free to hold anyone and everyone to account: including those behind TTIP (who are desperately hoping ordinary people don’t get involved).
      Saturday’s day of action against this sinister trade deal will echo across the country. 8,000 ordinary people will be hitting the streets to talk to their neighbours. That’s people power in action.
       Can you help it happen by chipping in to fund a couple of packs of materials today? Please click here to make a secure donation:

Here’s to Saturday,

Susannah, Nat, Megan, Barney, Blanche and the 38 Degrees team
      [1] Are you free on Saturday to join in? Click here:
       [2] TTIP - the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - is currently being negotiated between the US and the EU. If it goes through without any changes, it’ll make privatisation of services like the NHS and National Rail irreversible. It’ll also allow big corporations to sue our government if they make changes to the law which affect businesses' profits - like raising the minimum wage.
The Independent: British sovereignty ‘at risk’ from EU-US trade deal: UK in danger of surrendering judicial independence to multinational corporations, warn activists:
       [3] You can read our donations policy, and see a copy of our audited accounts, here: 

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