Monday, 25 August 2014

Self Interest Based Compassion.

       Just as a by-the-way, once again my broadband has been behaving like an bad buy, second hand car. Down for the last three days, after being fixed last week, after a ten day breakdown. All is not perfect in our world of hi-tec.
      Bloodshed across the Middle East and Ukraine, among other places, and talk of having a look at highly militarised police forces. Talk of saving this group but not bothering too much about that group, compassion based on self interest, that's the game of world politics. 

An Interesting article from Reader Supported News, by William Boardman:

 Protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. (The News Commenter)
       Rescuing 20,000 or so Yazidis matters more than bringing relief to almost two million Gazans in cities under siege by a relentlessly expansionist, right-wing Israeli government bent on ethnic cleansing? Well, maybe that’s not exactly what Tel Aviv/Jerusalem is up to, but decades of repetitive behavior that includes repeated war crimes is anything but reassuring. How is it better to keep arming Israel, the better to kill Palestinians, or at least to kill those Palestinians who survive the lethal and illegal Israeli occupation and blockade, when the alternative is to support the United Nations and perhaps prevent more atrocities?
       Rescuing 20,000 or so Yazidis matters more than protecting at least as many Americans in Ferguson, a city under siege by white privilege? Saving the Yazidis for now matters more than bringing justice to African-American Americans who have suffered their country’s crimes against their humanity for longer than the United States has existed? How is it better to arm local police with the weapons of international war in a country where police already commit the atrocity of killing a black man on average every 28 hours?
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