Thursday, 2 October 2014

All Men Shall Brothers Be.

      Today, Thursday, 2nd. October, is National Poetry Day. Go read some poetry, read it out loud, read it quietly, by yourself, read it to some friends, to some one special. Or better still go write some poetry, pour your heart out about your favourite flower, you greatest hope, your worst fear, the budgie that died, the birth of your child,. The subject matter is endless, just pour you self into a few lines and feel good. You never know, it could be a very fulfilling hobby, a wonderful way to express yourself.


The heaven I seek holds no guarded gate
nor boasts no throne on high
has no host on bended knee
no king to call us nigh.

Death shall not be our road of entry
no trumpet blast to show the way,
has no frontier guards for man nor beast
nor some far off judgement day.

The heaven I seek is here and now,
where symbols of power crumble like sand;
standing upright all men shall brothers be,
no one privileged with high command.

Vibrant life shall be our only passport,
the glorious morning sun our only sign,
with a true love of man and beast,
we can have heaven in our time.

(Not meant to be sexist.)

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