Friday, 3 October 2014

How Stupid Can We Get?

     I once had a lot of chickens, I was a bit worried about what might happen to them, so to protect them I paid for a group of foxes to be responsible for protecting my chickens. I then went about my daily business, working, watching football and taking the kids to the park. Then one day I went to have a look at my chickens and they were all gone. The foxes were still there, strutting around looking rather pleased with themselves, and they all look a good bit fatter. Was I rather stupid?
    Well just think, we have a NHS and we are a bit worried what might happen to it. So we pay a bunch of very rich people, who have a vested interest in selling it off, to be in charge of protecting our NHS!! One day we will take a good look at our NHS and find it has all gone. The very rich people will still be there, looking rather pleased with themselves and a lot richer.
Thanks to Mathew Lyall for the photo.
    That place of pomp, privilege and grandeur, The Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, is stuffed full of very rich people, many of them millionaires, lots of whom have interests in companies that would gain immensely from the privatisation of the NHS. These are the people that we pay to protect our NHS, while we go about our normal daily business. Are we rather stupid? Isn't time we got rid of the two-faced greedy parasites, and started looking after our own affairs? Ever heard of community control, people's assemblies, etc.? Is it wise to pay greedy millionaires to protect you from greedy millionaires? Perhaps you think that they are not really interested in wealth and power, and all they think about is your welfare, now that really is stupid.

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