Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Grief And Hate.

     After the recent killings of two soldiers in Canada, it's own version of the babbling brook of bullshit, its mainstream media, has gone into overdrive with the usual, "We need more surveillance", "what extra powers do the police need", "What laws do we need to change, to get these people sooner" It is the usual and predictable ranting that we get here, whenever there is any violence, suspected or otherwise, by anybody who can be labelled a Muslim.

     However, sadly in Canada the population seem to be falling for the propaganda, and are on the streets calling for these types of actions. This not so subtle, rendering of grief for the victim, then moving on to hatred of a group which the perpetrator can be linked, is brutal, dangerous, and intended state propaganda. It is garnering support for tighter control over the people. Teaching hate and fear of the manufactured enemy abroad, and the imaginary enemy at home, attempting to create in the minds of the people, a desire for a stronger state, and should be resisted at all times.

An extract from a recent article in Anarchist News:
     -----The media is incessantly asking what could draw good Canadian youths to Daesh's ideology. But one could just as well ask what drew the young soldier killed in Ottawa to take up arms in defense of a genocidal, imperialist nation state. Interviews with his family show that he loved the military since he was a child, it just seemed to be in his blood they say. As despicable as it is to claim that any child is born to follow orders to kill and die, Canada is using the same kinds of narratives as Daesh to attract the same directionless, war-fetishizing young men to its cause.
      The grain of truth in the Canadian propaganda is that people in Canada enjoy many social freedoms. The historical narrative is of brave explorers befriending natives (who then somehow disappeared) and who through their work and dedication, opened up the country from sea to sea to sea, and developed an enlightened nation while avoiding the excesses of the United States. The authoritarian project looks different here – it's a trade of complicity for privilege, including the privilege to not be bothered by political matters. In times of crisis though, more is asked of us to stay on the state's good side.-----
Well worth reading the full article HERE:

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