Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Turkey's "Blowback".

      The Kurdish problem has always been a thorn in the side of Turkey, but now it appears that Turkey has found an answer to that problem, IS. Having allowed an open border for IS, and allowing arms to roll through, Turkey now seems to be prepared to stand by and let IS do its dirty work, crush the Kurds. Though it may suffer "blowback" as hundreds of thousands of Kurds cross into Turkey and the resident Kurdish population rise up in anger at Turkey's shameful and brutal alliance with IS. It also appears that the mighty "super-powers" with their million pound smart bombs and faster than sound million pound aircraft, can't stop a bunch of religious fundamentalists from moving in and massacring a town, Or are they not that interested in saving the people of that unfortunate town?
      Kurdish anger is exploding onto the streets of Turkey and across Europe in protest at Western inaction in Kobanê and Turkish collusion with ISIS. As the extremist militants of the Islamic State close in on the besieged town on the Turkish-Syrian border, with the People’s Protection Units (YPG) running low on ammunition and Kurdish commanders warning of an impending massacre, the Turkish government and the US-led coalition appear to be content to stand by and let ISIS unleash a bloodbath in the city.
     In recent days, thousands of Kurds have descended upon the Turkish town of Suruç, just miles from Kobanê, in an attempt to cross the border, break the siege and bring supplies and reinforcements to their family, kin and comrades. Turkish troops have responded by sealing off the border crossing and firing teargas and rubber bullets both at Turkish Kurds trying to break into Syria and at Syrian refugees fleeing towards Turkey. Cut off from the outside world and without much air support, the YPG fighters are left to fend for themselves.
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