Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Rich Country, Poor Pensions.

       Every time one of our pampered privileged millionaire parasites that frequent the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, stick their face in front of a TV camera or a reporters microphone, they spout the same shit about how they fixed the economy. We are told to be grateful, our economy is growing, while the rest of Europe is suffering.
      While Chief Executives rub their sweaty hands as the cash pours into their safe haven, tax dodging , off-shore bank accounts, you and I would search high and low for signs of that “fixed economy” or results from the “growing economy”. While our privileged plunderers tell us how well we are doing, we should have a look at all those struggle countries in Europe. A little look at pensions will indicate how we compare, after all how we treat our elderly is some indication of what type of society we

Fuel poverty kills more people than road accidents in UK.

     These figures are the latest for 2013 and make very interesting reading, especially to us, in the “fixed economy” and the "best growth” in Europe.
Country.      Pension.    Average Earnings.
Spain              £26,366             £23,491
Germany        £26,366              £29,366
Sweden           £25,155              £37,014
France            £15,811              £29,817
Denmark         £11,381             £45,661
Netherlands     £10.981            £35,627
Ireland             £10,415            £41,863
UK                £7,488           £31,413
Greece              £3,756              £17,772
     Actually the UK pension is not yet £7,488, that is the projected figure for 2016, at the moment is nearer £5,500.That puts almost on par with Greece and its economy has been decimated by the ravaging and plundering of the financial Mafia.
       The UK is the tenth richest country in the world by GDP, and the third richest in Europe, yet we languish at the bottom when it comes to the welfare of our elderly. These figures are just one, of the many pointers, to the vast divide in this country between rich and poor. The UK is a true capitalist country, work all your life for carp wages and get a crap pension when you retire. Except of course, if you belong in the echelons of the pampered parasites who at present, hold the levers of power. It is indeed a class society, and it is at war.
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