Monday, 22 August 2016

A Fine Piece Of Wood.

     This Sunday found me cycling up the Loch, (Loch Lomond), a lovely part of the country. The weather forecast wasn't quite what I understood it to be, early cloud clearing, brightening up in the afternoon. In fact it was drizzle and rain most of the way to Tarbet, but it did clear up on the way back down the Loch. Still a wonderful place to be with a bike.
     The last time I cycled up the Loch I took a photograph of the Tarbet Hotel, and comrade Loam at arrezafe commented on the wooden table outside the restaurant, Saying he had an interest in carpentry, and he had not seen table legs put on that way.
      So to feed his interest in carpentry, I thought I would post this picture of the wooden seat across the road from the hotel, just up from the shore of the Loch. As you can see from the bike, it is a large chunk of wood.
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  1. No doubt the artistic merit of this huge piece of wood, but I prefer the artful simplicity of the tables as a response to a need.
    Thanks for the pictures.

  2. Perhaps an excessive use of wood just to park your backside on, but art does add something to our lives, it would be a rather drab world without it, and when it pops up in unexpected public places, it always adds pleasure.

  3. Art, a complex issue. But yes, I agree with you.