Friday, 26 August 2016

We Owe Our Migrant Ancesters

       We can all feel with passion but trying to express that feeling, be it anger or love, is more difficult, We can all feel strongly about injustice, and frustrated that we can't portray that same passion to others, in the hope of finding common ground upon which we can act. Poetry is an amazing vehicle for getting those passions out to others, of saying what is really in our hearts.
 Do you believe he done this to claim a paltry benefit?

       There is a lot of passion burning in people about the injustice that migrants suffer, and though there is a lot of action to support migrants, there is need for more. This poem by  Victoria McNulty burns with passion, but also helps us understand that migration is a human thing, it's what humans have been doing since they first walked this earth. Whether it be in search of a better life, or fleeing persecution, people moved, it is a survival thing in every human, and it will continue. Migrants are our brothers, sisters and our parents from the past, and will be our brothers, sisters and our parents of the future.

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  1. I do not understand what this woman says, but somehow I can really feel it. I have traveled the world (and not as a tourist) and I was always treated well by simple people like her. Fear, brothers and sisters, must disappear from both sides: from the natives and from the so-called "foreigners".

  2. Is there any transcription of the poem?

  3. I have now posted a transcript of Victoria McNulty's poem, Coffins From Derry.