Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Migrants Are People.

        Migrants may be reported in our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, but never as people. They are this band of figures that cross borders “illegally”, but behind every mention of a migrant, there is a person and in most cases a person suffering. They are individuals and families, in search of a better life, or worse fleeing death and destruction. Despite their plight, they are herded like cattle, shunted into detention centres, intimidated, humiliated and often abused. Million of pounds are spent on immigration officials, transport and detention centres, but little in trying to alleviate the individual’s problems. The normal procedure is, gather them up, lock them up, and ship them back to what ever horror they came from. We are one people, we live in one world, would should treat each other as such, migrants are people, just like you and I.
 Let’s break isolation
       CIEs are prisons for immigrants destined to be deported from Italy. They are part of the system of control, selection and ruling of migration flows throughout Europe. A system that by either giving or denying a document decides who can stay on the European soil in order to thicken the ranks of the exploited, and who must be taken away because they are not needed. In other words, those destined to stay as clandestine, subjected to even more blackmail and exploitation.
There have been struggles both inside and outside the CIEs in the course of the years, the struggles of those who are locked up and of people in solidarity who have decided that a stance must be taken against all this: the CIEs are to be razed to the ground for the sake of everybody’s freedom.
      One of the CIES currently operating can be found in Brindisi, hidden in the countryside of Restinco.
       Many testimonies of violence and abuse have been coming from inside the centre, directly from the prisoners, in the last month. It seems that whoever protests against the humiliating conditions of detention – if the threating wasn’t enough to dissuade him/her – will be taken by force to a little yard by the guards, away from his/her companions, and beaten up by scores of them.
     Against isolation, against all prisons, in solidarity with the imprisoned immigrants:
Demo outside the CIE in
Monday 8th August 6pm
(4pm meeting point at Villa Matta squat, Lecce, via San Nicola 1)
Visit ann arky's home at www.radicalglasgow.me.uk

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