Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Reality Or A TV Farce???

       So for a moment, let’s think of the world we live in, and by our daily grinding labour, support and maintain, the world that the babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media tells us, is the best way to live our lives. A world that if we decided we no longer wish to tolerate, we could bring crashing down.
        It is a world of pampered parasites draped in ermine, with their snouts deeply stuck in the trough of public money. A world of corporate bosses with their private jets and super yachts, plundering the wealth that we create. A cabal of callous self seeking, careerist politicians, who with empire in mind, legislate life and death of the poor, while protecting bonuses for the rich, and ensuring austerity for the many. A world where an abundance of wealth slushes around, but never finds its way to those, the ordinary people, who create that wealth.
         If we wrote this as a story for TV, we could understand it as a far fetched tale of greed, corruption, of exploitation, and injustice, but as a reality, created by our own sweat and blood, well it beggars belief.
Home to the many.

the giggling audacity of the rich
midst the pitiful anguish of the poor,
those boated cavaliers
using pillage to secure
their lives of arrogant excess,
a pirate's plundering tour.

that this world must be
a place where the many toil and sweat
grinding out their meagre existence
in poverty, hunger and debt,
while the hubristic greedy few
live the life of a pampered pet.

no more war, no deprivation
a world of sharing, a world of giving
a chance for all to grow and prosper
in a culture of friendship and forgiving.
With true love and understanding
we can create a new way of living.
Sir Philip Green's £100 million yacht.
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  1. These leeches live in their luxurious pomps and all they offer us is their greedy fangs in our necks.