Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Choose Only From The List.

        A vision of how representative democracy works in modern civilised Europe, where people are free to choose. As long as you choose from the offered box of sweeties. Don't try to choose from anything outside the state's offered box. To draw up a choice list of your own is considered a crime, and your chosen list will be brutally erased. To expect anything different is to be blind to history, the story is all there, written in the blood of ordinary people who have decided they want a different choice. The state is an antithesis of freedom, you choose one or the other, you can't have both. 
This video was lifted from arrezafe. 

A wonderful response from the people to the state's brutality.

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  1. What is happening in Catalonia is of extraordinary importance, not only for Catalonia but for the rest of the Peoples of the Spanish State and for Europe. A cohesive and peaceful revolution long developed against an arrogant state, heir to the Franco regime. Solidarity with the Catalan people and the Spanish working class! We fight for the third Republic! Down with the monarchy!