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Transformation From A State To A State!!

         What we are witnessing in Spain is the state bludgeoning of any area, territory, that wishes to remove itself from its authority. The state's survival depends on complete control over its fiefdom, it will not accept lightly any eroding of that fiefdom. What we are not seeing is a different entity being born, but just another state under the same yolk of capitalism and exploitation, a shifting of power between elites, not the emancipation of the people. In the new "Republic of Catalonia" workers exploitation will continue, power and wealth will still call the shots and cream of more and more from the efforts of the workers. The King is dead, long live the King, well the state is dead, long live the state, and so the sorry mess continues.
This from arrezafe: (not the best translation, but you get the meaning)
 Joint Statement CGT, CNT and Solidaridad Obrera on the situation in Catalonia

        The undersigned organizations, unions at state level, we share our concern about the situation in Catalonia, by the repression the state unleashed by the loss of rights and freedoms that this entails and will assume and the rise of a rancid nationalism It is appearing again in much of the state.
       We defend the emancipation of all working people of Catalonia and the rest of the world. Perhaps, in this context, it is necessary to remember that we do not understand the right to self-determination in statist key, as proclaimed nationalist parties and organizations, but as the right to self-management of our class in a given territory. Thus understood, self-determination spends more for control of production and consumption by workers and direct democracy from the bottom up, organized according to the federalist principles, the establishment of a new frontier or creating a new state. As internationalists, we understand that solidarity among working people should not be confined to state boundaries,
      What does seem very disturbing is the reaction that is being experienced in many parts of the rest of the state, with the exaltation of a rancid españolismo, more reminiscent of the past, cheered from the media and in tune with the authoritarian drift government, patent following the imprisonment of people for convening acts of disobedience or Article 155 of the Constitution. We are aware that this nationalist outbreak lays the foundation for further cuts of rights and freedoms, against which we must prevent. Sultry unit called "democratic forces" in justifying repression, portends a bleak picture for all future disagreements. It seems that the post-Franco regime that governs us for 40 years, close ranks to ensure its continuity.
        Such a regime that has existed and exists in both Catalonia and the rest of the Spanish State feels that their own survival is at stake. Widely questioned and plunged into a deep crisis of legitimacy, it is alarmed by how you build up the fronts. The threat to the territorial integrity of the state adds to corruption scandals, the discrediting of the monarchy, the question of bailouts and cuts that have been applied to the population, discontent with slavery in the workplace derived latest labor reforms, by lengthening the retirement age and economic Deduction of pensions, etc ... the constant calls to defend the Constitution should be understood as touches the tocsin to tackle this real existential crisis besetting. The danger is that in the process and sanction repressive rule as those seen recently in many Catalan cities behaviors become. Or worse ...
        Obviously, we do not know in which direction the events will choose. We remain attentive to what happens, willing to defend the interests of working people throughout the state. We will oppose with all our strength to repression and normalization of far-right attitudes, already perceived. Of course, let us not use the strategies of political parties whose objectives are foreign to us. At the same time, we will not stop encouraging the mobilization of the working class when it decides, by fi that it's time to shake off the dictation of a political and economic elites that take too much time managing control of the territory to serve, exclusively, their own interests.
          As combative class unions, libertarian and we will be at street level, in the mobilizations, as we have demonstrated on many occasions, against repression, cuts rights and freedoms and corruption.
        Perhaps the crisis Catalunya is the lace of a dying state model. Decant this change in one way or another depend on our ability, as a class, to take the process in the opposite direction to the repression and the rise of nationalisms. Trust make the end result more freedoms and rights, and not vice versa. We played a lot.

AGAINST REPRESSION the working classes!
CGT - CNT - Workers Solidarity
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