Monday, 2 October 2017

It Is How The Beast Behaves.

      Why the anger at the Spanish state? It is behaving just as states usually behave, name a state that doesn't have its gangs of black clad bully-boys with their padded shin guards, elbow pads, protective helmets and long batons, backed up by another gang who have rubber bullets and live ammunition? Name a state that hasn't used these thugs against its own unarmed citizens? The Spanish state is just showing its true colours, after all the sanctity of the state was being attacked by young and elderly, armed with pencils and paper.
      How often have we seen from a multiplicity of media outlets and personal experience, this sort of state behaviour across the globe, but somehow there is always shock and horror when it happens. We should expect it, that's what the state's armed thugs are there for, to make sure that the people know their place, the citizens must behave as subservient sheep. Start to act collectively to shape your society and you will always feel the wrath of the state.
        Instead of criticising the Spanish state we should be looking at how to free our minds from the concept of a state, how to organise our society by means of the people taking control and shaping their communities, and society in general, to meet their needs and desires. As long as we participate in the charade of representative democracy, with its political parties, abdicating our own power to a handful of over paid political ballerinas, with their vested interests, we will see these scenes recur time and time again. Every time the people say the have had enough, the state will come down with the full compliment of its brute force apparatus. That's what it is there for, to keep you accepting your servitude.

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