Sunday, 29 October 2017

Paper Chained.

        We all know, or should know, that prisons are not there to protect us the general public, but are there to protect the wealth and privileges of those who govern us in this unequal and unjust society. When an individual is locked up in one of the state's many cages of repression, it is not just one person suffering, it is a chain of individuals and families that suffer stress, trauma, and in many cases increased poverty and deprivation. despite the fact that the state's cages of repression are full to bursting with human suffering, we seldom hear the voices of those at the receiving end of this inhumanity.
        The Running Wild Collective of Australia, has put together a journal  called "Paper Chained" comprised entirely of works by those who are, or have been, victims of the state's incarceration policy. It is available free.

       The first issue of “Paper Chained: a journal of writings and artistic expressions from beyond the bars” has been published with contributions from individuals who have been affected by incarceration in Australia and overseas. You can access this journal for free online, download a PDF, and print your own copy. If none of these options are accessible for you, you can request a printed journal.
All this information is available on our website, please feel free to share the link!

        Suspended over our everyday lives are the shackles and cages that could be
forced on us if we offend the rule of law. Law which exists to control the intricate details of our lives, from what we consume, to how we can live and love with others.
       These are laws we never consented to being governed by, laws that were written before we even had voices to raise, which we cannot easily (or, arguably,
meaningfully) change and which do not protect us. If we offend the rule of law by “breaking” one of these codes of conduct, we then face the brutality of the justice system. A system that again was formulated without our contributions or consent; that hurts and punishes those who offend and those who love them and leaves the greatest criminals of all, the politicians, bankers and CEOs, untouched and unexamined.
       We firmly believe that with the destruction of systems of oppression such as
state and capital, “crime” as we know it would largely cease to exist. We believe
that if people were empowered and free to live under principles of self-determination and mutual aid, they would naturally work together to address conflict and threats against their own and others’ safety and wellbeing.
     We call for the abolition of all prisons and detention centers. None are free until all are free.
      I hope this journal gives you understanding, hope and a glimpse of freedom.

Running Wild Collective

View online here.
Download PDF

Print Your Own:
       If you would like to print your own copy please follow the instructions below:
1. Download Covers
2. Print with the following settings: Booklet print, 2 sided – flip on short edge, colour, A3 paper size
3. Download Inner Pages
4. Print with following settings: Booklet print, 2 sided – flip on short edge, black and white, A3 paper size
5. Put your inner pages inside the cover, staple or tie together with string and enjoy!
Request a Printed Copy
       If you would like to request a printed copy of the journal, you can email us at or send a letter to PO Box 1989, Armidale, NSW 2350. Please note – if you can print your own or read online, please consider these options. We have limited funds and would like to prioritise printing for those who cannot access the journal through other means.
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