Tuesday, 21 November 2017

A Man Made Hell, To Protect The Parasites.

       Prisons are an indictment on any society that claims to be civilised, they are the antithesis of civilisation, and humanity. Across our planet all states hold on to this tool of repression as a bulwark to protect the wealth and power of the established order. The conditions in prisons vary from state to state, some are barbaric in the extreme, some are more subtle in the form of repression they use, but all are there to intimidate, repress and break the human spirit, no matter the method.
       However, does Argentina hold the dubious prize of the worlds most degrading and inhumane prison, a hell-hole beyond imagination. What the following article shows is something that you might think is from some horror movie, but in fact is how this particular state treats its own citizens, here, today in the 21st. century.  Prisons are a man made hell, to protect the parasites.
       Those responsible for incarcerating people in these conditions cease to be human and deserve the wrath of all humanity, this must be brought to an end, and the only way is to bring down the whole stinking system. It is time to enjoy the ecstasy of our righteous anger and bring an end to this barbarity. 
This from arrezafe:
This is what these hell-holes protect.

         40 photos showing the inhumane conditions in the prisons of Olmos and Marcos Paz (Argentina)
      Not the best translation, but readable. 

     ------In the bureaucratic vocabulary Penitenciaria Bonaerense Unit No. 1, prison Lisandro Olmos, the term "Sector Isolation Coexistence" is at least a euphemism. "Mailboxes" or "leoneras" is the best known name . There are 22 small rooms of a meter by meter with a pallet of cement and a latrine without ventilation and with a small crack in the door; there is sent to prisoners who are separated from the rest of the population . Prisoners of Olmos can end in one of those rooms, at least in theory, in two ways: in response to a request to be separated from the rest of their fellow prisoners in the pavilion facing a problem, or to receive a punishment. Olmos criminal, as building is over a hundred years. The isolation area is precisely in its catacombs; the "mailboxes" occupy part of subsurface ice .--------
Read the full article and more photos HERE:

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