Monday, 13 November 2017

Solidarity And Mutual Aid, A Toy For Every Chld.

        Though our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, has long since drop the plight of refugees arriving on the shores of Europe, in favour of sexit, brexit, the machinations of our political ballerinas and so called "celebrities", however, the flow of desperation and misery still continues. Some arrive on Europe's shore in a dreadful state of deprivation, others reach the shore washed up as dead bodies. Greece has an ever growing problem exacerbated by the new EU ruling that the Turkish border is closed and refugees can go no further. So the refugee camps in Greece fill up, the conditions deteriorate, and desperation washes over the entire trapped population of these camps. As adults struggle to survive and retain some sense of sanity and dignity, under these conditions, we mustn't forget the kids, their development being stunted and distorted in these inhumane conditions of detention, squalor and deprivation. Vast numbers of people with kids among them, drowning in a sea of authoritarian legislation engineered by the so called "democratic West"

       Against apathy, racism and xenophobia, with anarchy and solidarity among the oppressed as our power, we are creating another solidarity initiative.
       As an anarchist/ anti-authoritarian radio, we make a call to everyone; every comrade/ companion, squat, assembly etc. to participate either by offering toys or by undertaking similar actions in our cities and neighborhoods. Let’s make each city and neighborhood a place of struggle and solidarity.
       Within the campaign, we collect toys in good condition (not broken or dirty). From today till the New Year’s Day, we deliver toys to the children of war living in refugee camps in Greece as well as to those children in need. If you want to offer a new one, please, prefer shops that are not labor camps or large multinational companies. Against the Christmas’ consumerism, we advocate actions without mediators which strengthen solidarity and anarchy’s ideal for the destruction of the capital and the state that generates fascism and wars.

Toys’ collection points:
– Κ * ΒΟΞ, Exarcheia – Athens.

P.S. The collection points’ list will be updated continuously.

Free voices, shattered prisons
       Of course the idea of a community organised toy-swap/toy-bank, wouldn't go a miss here in our own country. Toys your kids have outgrown being donated and perhaps finding something your kids can use and enjoy. In doing so you would be helping to screw the gluttonous consumer drive that bombards us all at this time of year. 
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