Friday, 10 November 2017

The Cruelty Of Crimeless Detention By The State.


      You move to another part of the planet, you cross those imaginary lines on the planet's surface, lines drawn by power mongers in the struggle for wealth and power. The minions of the power mongers decide that you shouldn't be on this part of the planet, so you are detained, locked up, you are "illegal", you will be forcibly transported back to where you came. No thought of why you left/fled your home, no thought to the relationships and friendships you have created on this part of the planet. The powers that be, decree that you are illegal, you don't fit their self-interested criteria, so you will be shipped back shackled if need be. 
      Of course, before you are packaged like luggage and dispatched, you will be detained, how long, you don't know. The conditions will be deplorable, there will self harming, suicides, mental breakdowns, violence and "unexplained" deaths. Your contact with the outside world will be censured, you are now a non-person, a piece of luggage to be delivered elsewhere.
    This indignity, injustice and inhumanity goes on in out of the way establishments, meant to be kept from the prying eyes of the public. It is done in our name by the the puppets of the establishment. No person is illegal, borders are arbitrary lines drawn on paper maps by powerful elites, with no other purpose than to protect their wealth and power. Detention centres are unjust, inhuman and part of the vindictiveness of the state. They are prisons, and like all prisons the should be demolished. 
       Two dates to mark in your diary:
We Will Rise - Dungavel Demo Info + Dinner
11/11 17.30-20.00 Kinning Park Complex

Ahead of the demo at Dungavel on Saturday 18th November, come down to KPC to ask questions, get information and have dinner!
We will hold workshops on:
+ What to expect on the day
+ Legal questions about protesting and the police
+ why we are going to Dungavel
Followed by a tasty meal and maybe even some dancing!

Surround Dungavel - End Detention
18/11 11:00-18:00
Dungavel House Immigration Removal Centre, ML10 6 Strathaven

Surround Dungavel - End Detention


Brick by brick, wall by wall, detention centres have to fall 

In September, an unnamed Chinese
National was found dead in Dungavel. Yet we have been given no reason, no information. We need a full invesitgation. WE NEED ANSWERS!

Locking people up due to their immigration status is racist, there is no way to operate a humane or safe detention system. 

Lets protest to shut down detention centres and end the inherently abusive and violent system of immigration detention that criminalises, detains, and imprisons people simply because they have chosen or been forced to migrate. 

The demonstration will take place outside Dungavel detention centre, in direct solidarity with the people who are currently detained. In solidarity with their protests against imprisonment and deportation, such as hunger strikes and resistance to forced removals. To make it clear that people on the outside want to come together in fighting against detention and deportation.

This year has seen four deaths in immigration.This is a crucial time to send a message that Scotland does not want detention in any form, that no person is illegal. 

Surround Dungavel will be happening at the same time as Surround Yarl’s Wood, to show the Home Office that from Scotland to Bedford, Portsmouth to Gatwick. Their walls will fall.

We are arranging coaches and we will release tickets closer to the date, but spaces are limited, so please if you can make your own way there do! Spaces for people who have experience of the immigration system will be FREE, to enable this to happen please support


We hold in our hearts those who are now or have been detained.



We aren’t calling for a limit, we are saying “SHUT THEM DOWN”
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