Saturday, 11 November 2017

A Safe Place To Lay Your Head Is A Right.

     In this rich country and with winter starting to settle its grip on our cities there should be no need for a night shelter, but there is, desperately. So why would anybody knowing this need refuse to allow one to be opened? The need is there, it is up to the people who care to make sure that this shelter does open. A safe place to lay your head at night is not a luxury, it is a right, it's called civilisation.
       It was discussed at a Glasgow Asylum Destitution Action Network meeting yesterday that there is local opposition to the opening of the new night shelter for destitute asylum seekers in Ibrox and such is the strength of feeling that the local Community Council may recommend that the shelter does not go ahead.

       Reasoned debate about the need for the shelter has not worked (both Owen from GCP and Phill from the night shelter have tried) so there is need for voices of support.
       If you or anyone you know lives in the Ibrox/Cessnock area and can go along to the next Community Council meeting- please go!
     The new night shelter is greatly needed, particularly as it will have more places for men and places for destitute women. Please pass this onto anyone you think may be able to go along next week.

The meeting is on 15th November: Ibrox Cessnock Community Council 3rd Wednesday of month 7.00 pm

Clyde Community Hall, 41 Whitefield Road, G51 2YB,+G51+2YB&entry=gmail&source=g
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