Tuesday, 28 November 2017

A "MIXED RACE" Princess!!!!

       Not a subject that I tend to get involved with, except to show my disgust. However, sometimes it is difficult to keep your mouth shut. Our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media is gushing and glowing with their favourite subject, the UK's largest benefit family, the Windsors. It seems that one of their family has selected his heir producing machine, much to the jubilation of the rest of the family and the established power mongers. My my, aren't our royals very modern, this is the first time in its long history of parasite living, that one of the inner circle has chosen a bride of "MIXED RACE", how daring, how modern. I got a bit confused, I thought that there was only one race, the human race. Of course being a member of a family that presided over an empire where we had to control and exploit millions of "lesser beings", it must be difficult for them to see those lesser beings with a different coloured skin, as equal, after all we used to own them. The fact that this "MIXED RACE" is mentioned just puts on display the rampant racism among this whole circle of parasites and their puppets.
      I wonder how many of our ordinary citizens have been equally "modern" by marrying a partner of "MIXED RACE", but never got a mention in our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media?
     This whole charade of "special" people awash in wealth plundered from the public purse, that we are obliged to continue to fund and hold in some special respect belongs to a rather distant past, and is due being dismantled. How do you respect parasites of these gigantic proportions?
 By the people for the people! So we pick up the bill.

Just another day in the life of an ordinary family, but we pick up the bill.
A friendly chat before heading off to the pub, but we pick up the bill. 


  1. To avoid conflicts regarding the representative function, one of the tricks of the usufructuaries of power is to claim their legitimacy. To build and maintain it, the rites that appeal to God, the nation and its memory are reactivated and materialized through symbols that make up a system of assumptions (and imposed) common values. In political ritual, reference is made to a tradition and it is from this that it takes its force (implicitly or explicitly). In addition, the officiant of the rite "has a tendency to be annulled in order to let the symbols speak, so that their action is inscribed in a value system that is above it and in a collective history that encompasses everything; what prevails is the system of values ​​and symbols of power reactivated by the ritual act ".

    Today, these rituals are no longer respected, except by weak and sickly minds lacking in dignity and self-esteem. They are hollow rituals, remnants of ancient times in which mankind survived brutally subjected to ignorance and servitude. Any mind armed with reason and common sense is able to puncture this ostentatious chuflé reducing it to what it really is: an insulting, expensive and pornographic comedy to which, desperate, the decadent ruling class clings, already close to the end.

  2. To exist and live, we do not need kings or queens. On the contrary, they do need us. Let us think then, oh tricked people, wake up and let's deduce why debtors live in luxury and creditors in poverty?

  3. UK health care cuts will lead to 100 additional deaths each day.

    All over the world, governments are slashing health care spending in the name of promoting “efficiency” and “cost savings,” on the grounds that there is “no money.” The reality, however, is that these cuts have as their direct outcome the early deaths of masses of people—collateral damage for the further enrichment of the financial oligarchy.