Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Hysteria From The Psychotic, Slaughter For The Innocent.

       A good number of years ago the war mongers of that imperialist power juggernaut, America, decided that Assad of Syria had to go, as he was not one of their puppets. Because of this  the American psychopathic war lords, accompanied by their subservient regimes, unleashed on the innocent people of Syria, 7 years of unimaginable hell. Cities have been totally destroyed, millions of innocent people have been displaced and hundreds of thousands have been killed. Assad is still there, so what is their answer, well the only answer they know, more slaughter and bloodshed, so they attempt to whip the hysteria among their allies and the general population, that more Syrian men, women and children must die in horrible brutal circumstances, so that they can become part of the American imperialist empire.
      This hysterical rhetoric of retaliation and punishment, by a bunch of lying psychopathic people, who will never feel the blast of a missile as it kills and mutilates family and friends, should be of concern to us all. The buddies and protectors of Assad, Russia and Iran, are not likely to sit back and take the punishment quietly. Such action will bring the slaughter in the Middle East much closer to home. I fear for my children and grandchildren as this whipped up hysteria, aided and abetted by that babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, can only escalate an already extremely dangerous and bloody mess to a world wide catastrophe. 
      How much longer will we tolerate the insane ruling our world, how much longer can we allow them to, before it is too late? 
BBC: “…what should be the response to this use of chemical weapons if it’s proved?”
Ford: “The correct response is obviously–and I think a child could see this–to get inspectors on to the alleged site of the alleged offenses. In fact, in the last few hours Russia has offered to provide military escorts for inspectors from the recognized body in this field the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Warfare. …I don’t think that Assad is in the least worried that the inspectors would find out his guilt because he’s probably not guilty…
We have to engage our brains as well as our emotions here, not be stampeded by those videos which are described as being unverified but which by dint of being repeated over and over and over again come to acquire a spurious credibility.
We have to ask ourselves what what are the sources of the information on which we’re in this stampede to war. They’re two-fold, and I’m sorry but the media are falling down on the job in investigating this. The sources the Syrian American Medical Society, which is a pro-Islamist propaganda outfit based in the United States…”
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  1. We have to look for the truth in the midst of the dazzling darkness with which it is hidden from us. The extraordinary resources that should coadjutate to show the truth, are used sadly to hide it.