Wednesday, 4 April 2018

21st. Century, And We Still Accept Genocide!!


       How long will the world turn its back on the suffering of the people of Palestine, how long will it tolerate the genocide perpetrated by the Israeli state? Two questions that have not been answered since the creation of the Israeli Zionist state. The persecution of the Palestinian people has been ongoing since 1947 at the hands of the extremist Zionist militias and the Israeli army. It has intensified as the military arsenal of the Zionist state has grown in firepower, thanks to the American financial and military assistance, and the eagerness of the West to sell the Israeli Zionist state an abundance of powerful weaponry. Then they turn their backs as that weaponry is used in the genocide of the Palestinian people.
     The leaders of this Zionist state carry out this genocide with impunity as they sit in the marble halls of power sipping champagne and coffee, while planning more domination with the complicity of the leaders of the so called free democratic West. We can't expect this coterie of corruption to solve this savage and bloody genocide, it will take the power of the ordinary people to come together and smash this capitalist/military/Zionist nightmare once and for all. The plight of the Palestinian people is just one symptom of this malignant cancer that dominates our world.
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