Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Now And Then, Freedom Is Illuminated.

     Across the world they create sparks, little flashes that illuminate the vision of freedom. For this they suffer, are persecuted, imprisoned, tortured and killed, but still the sparks appear. Sometimes the spark creates a fire, and freedom, for a while, becomes a reality somewhere, until the powers that be with the usual tangle of their brand of repressive "legality" and barbaric brutality, extinguish the flame. Still the sparks appear, again and again, in the glare of their neon cities and in the darkest depth of their tyranny, little heroic acts that gladden the heart of all those  who see freedom as the natural and only way to live. 
      Centuries have rolled by with authoritarian regimes struggling to gain control over the spark creators and darken their sparks forever, they always fail miserably, the sparks are still there. All those who love freedom can become spark creators, for sure nobody knows which spark will create that fire that will destroy this world of exploitation, authoritarianism, injustice, wars and inequality.
     The sparks are created by an indeterminate variation of acts, some simple, putting up a poster, dropping a banner, handing out a leaflet, creating a discussion group, they can be acts of great heroism, that kick the system where it hurts. It is their some total, their continuing appearance and their frequency that frightens the power moguls of the capitalist system.
     We pay homage to all the spark creators of the past and stand in solidarity with those of today, with one cry, this world is ours, and one day we will take it back, from the corporate and warmongering  beasts. When we do, humanity will walk from the dark malignant husk of capitalism into the bright and warm light of social justice.

From Peru to Pakistan,
from America to Armenia,
from Ireland to India,
from Canada to Cambodia,
Long live Anarchy. 

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