Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The Subterfuge Of Government.

        Struggle for freedom and autonomy in this society, and try to do deals with the government, you can expect to be lied to, cheated, and if they see fit, savagely bludgeoned. Any dealings with any government, will have to satisfy their need and desire for total control, hence the subterfuge, double dealing and downright lies. Freedom and governments are opposite ends of the spectrum, and are incompatible.The ZAD will have to fight a bitter fight to survive, they will need all the support and solidarity we can muster, or by stealth or brutality, the state will do its damnedest to destroy it and its ideas.
      More details HERE: https://www.unicornriot.ninja/2018/zad-battles-thousands-of-police-during-attempted-eviction-of-autonomous-zone-in-france/

         On February 10th, a few weeks after the airport project was dropped, dozens of thousands of people converged again to Notre-Dame-des-Landes to root the future of the zad. Since then, the assembly of uses(*) has laid the foundations of this project through the beginning of a dialogue with government representatives. During this transition phase, a first global collective convention has been proposed by the movement to take the fields and dwellings in charge. But the government still threaten to evict some of these dwellings. An operation mobilizing Thousands (2500 according to the press) of policemen and women are announced for Monday 9th April.
       We denounce the double-dealing of the government which announced it wants a « peaceful and reasonable » evolution of the situation while planning an eviction operation which is moreover illegal. We can’t accept that inhabitants who preserved the bocage will be evicted tomorrow. We can’t accept that dwellings and spaces of activities which have nurtured the experience of the zad and are necessary to its future will be destroyed by a new police operation. We invite those who support the avenir of the zad to organize accordingly!
*In case of evictions of habitations, we call for different types of answers on several geographical scales.*
On the zad and around :
– call to contribute to the workshops organized in april.
– call to come defend the zone.
We already decided that except in case of police intervention, the roads would stay circulating for the inhabitants, the peasants and neighbours. In case of police attack, we might block them if necessary. We call supports to act accordingly. Welcome spaces will be organized on the zone and around.
– call in case of destruction to come rebuild the zone.
Outside the zad :
– call for gatherings and occupations the very night of the evictions on city places, in front of municipalities and prefecture and police stations.
/The //A//ssembl//y//of //U//ses, Tuesday 3rd April. /
      (*) The Assemblies of Uses have been implemented in summer 2017 on the zad of Notre-Dame-des-Landes. They gather regular users of the zad – inhabitants, neighbours, peasants, people involved in activities on the zone and the different componentsof the struggle. Their goal is to think and build the collective organization of this territory according to the 6 points for the avenir of the zad (https://zad.nadir.org/IMG/pdf/6pointszad-a3-2.pdf). Yesterdaynight, this Assemblyhas decided to launch a call to face the imminent evictions on the zad.
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