Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Glasgow's May Day Celebrations.

        Our fair city of Glasgow is steeped in history, a lot of it is spread out for the public to see, captains of industry, blood soaked defenders of imperialism, Dukes and Lords. None of which tells the story of  the people of Glasgow, their history is airbrushed from view, but every street, every corner as a tale to tell of the struggles of the ordinary people. The history the powers that be, would have you forget.
     So if you are a citizen of Glasgow or just a visitor who wants to know a bit more about the real Glasgow, the Glasgow of the people, then you can have that opportunity during our May Day week celebrations.
     A group of ordinary Glasgow dwellers have put together a week of events marking May Day. It starts on Tuesday May 1st with a gathering with performers and stalls at the Donald Dewar statue 12noon. Then that history thing, on Wednesday 2nd. May, a history walk through the city where you will learn a bit more of the real heart of our fair city of Glasgow.

 Photo courtesy of Daily Record.
Radical History Walk: Planned itinerary

Start and Stop 1: 6pm George Square Wednesday MAY 2nd
Eric on 1915 & 1919
Supplementary info on Demos/Interaction.

Stop 2 6.15: Montrose Street:
Keith - Info on Strickland Press and Aldred, The Word etc.

Stop 3: Old Sheriff Court – Eric on Rent Strike, John McLean etc

Stop 4: opposite – Brunswick Street
40s Anarchist Federation street meetings & activities – Keith

Longest stretch of walk via Tolbooth, Gallowgate & London Rd.

Stop 5: – Calton Burial Site – 1787 Weavers – Keith

Stop 6: – Glasgow Green, via Templetons, Peoples Palace to entrance

7.05: On Free Speech Fights, tradition in the Green & 90s Workers City etc.
Keith & Eric, Summary/ interaction at end

7.20: Head back to town, perhaps after refreshment, Scotia Bar
      After your dip into Glasgow's real history, the week culminates in our annual Picnic on the Green, Sunday, May 6th. 2pm. An event of fun, chat, song, music, dance, poetry, face-painting, food sharing, and stalls, bring what you expect to find, bring the family, bring your street.  

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  1. Have a good time, comrades!

  2. I always have this dream that one day all the workers of the world will stop and celebrate the May Day week, and then perhaps forget to go back to their grinding boring jobs.

  3. Now that would be a true awakening!