Sunday, 3 June 2018

Palestinian Death Causes No Ripples.

       The misery, death and destruction visited on the people of Gaza by the Israeli Zionists regime continues, while in the UN, America vetoes an action that might investigate this genocide and the UK in it usual colonial mindset abstains. So the Zionists are free to continue with their genocide and land grab. All based on the ludicrous insane belief that an invisible man in the sky gave them this land around 2,000 years ago. A fictitious foundation for a savage reality, insanity rules. 
       June 1st. saw a crime that should have brought all civilised people onto the streets in righteous anger, demanding justice and an end to this Zionist genocide, but it hardly got a mention in that babbling brook of bullshit we call the mainstream media.
      On June 1st., in the besieged Gaza strip, Palestinian nurse Razan al-Najjar was shot in the chest and killed by an Israeli Zionist sniper. At the time she was providing medical aid to injured protesters. One Zionist rifle aimed deliberately at the chest of a young woman providing medical assistance, one deliberate action on an unarmed young woman, and the silence is overwhelming, why?

       In another incident, it takes courage to confront your armed Zionist jailers, who treat you as sum-human.

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  1. The indecent Western press, which publicized extensively the events of Tiananmen, confronted with facts like these, remains silent. Shame!