Saturday, 30 June 2018

Victory To People Power.

        The blood dripping, war mongering, arms industry leeches have left our fair city of Glasgow, but their foul stench will linger for a while, as a stain on the city council for their decision to allow this cancer into our city in the first place. For that action, they are still marked with the disgust of the people.
       However a big thank you to all those determined citizens who turned up to protest this insult to to Glasgow's long anti-militarism tradition. Their efforts prove once again that the solidarity of people on the streets can bring victories. In this case the Glasgow City Council has stated publicly that there will be no more arms fairs in our city. Here's hoping that other cities have the same success and give these purveyors of death and destruction, no where to display their blood soaked merchandise. Well done Glasgow.

CAAT Scotland posted in Glasgow Against The Arms Fair.
         Thanks to everyone who has supported and came down to the demos, the council has said there will be no more arms fairs in Glasgow!
        The deputy leader David McDonald said... "you can be sure this is not the kind of event that comes to Glasgow in the future".
         Unfortunately it was too late to stop UDT but it is great news for the future. This would not have happened without people coming together and voicing our opposition. Glasgow does not welcome warmongers and arms dealers. Hopefully other cities will now follow!
People power works.
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