Saturday, 9 June 2018

Solidarity Forever.

      Something that a lot of people, especially among the young, seem to take for granted are lunch breaks, paid holidays, etc. they seem to accept them as a given, probably given by that kind employer. Of course the young people in the "gig" economy, they know different, they are being slapped in the face with with raw capitalism. No holiday pay, no lunch break, no health and safety, no guaranteed wage, no fixed working week, just used as needed. What all of us must remember is that whatever conditions we have, we wrestled them from the employers, through solidarity and struggle. Sometimes those involved in that struggle paid with the loss of their employment and/or their freedom, some paid for them with their lives. Not one of the benefits we have, were ever give by the employer, nor legislated for by the government, without that long and bitter struggle by the ordinary people. 
     The employer class at the moment feel they can now, with the aid and protection of the government, claw back lots of those hard won benefits. Once again we must turn to solidarity, across all work places, to protect what little benefits we have, and to struggle to end the exploitation of people by capital.
     The following is a little reminder of our need for solidarity, the weapon that can defeat the greed driven class of capitalist exploiters.
This from The zine formerly known as “The Call” Issue 4, –May Day 2018: 

Solidarity Forever!
         “What force on earth is weaker than the feeble strength of one?” A revolution is the product of the combined determination of individuals. Capitalism uses isolation as a tool to steal the empowerment of the people, driving a wedge between the individual and their sense of community. The ruling class knows there exists power in unity, and in that power, a threat to their system of hierarchy and inequality. Solidarity is the greatest weapon possessed by the people. Through solidarity and struggle, workers demanded and won their rights, and through solidarity greater obstacles will be conquered. “In our hands is placed the power greater than their hoarded gold. Greater than the might of armies magnified a thousandfold
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