Thursday, 28 June 2018

Give And Take, Community.

      Consumerism is the backbone of this capitalist system, we have to consume the plethora of crap the system produces or it grinds to a halt. So if we want to get rid of this exploitative greed driven system of capitalism we have to drag our minds away from consumerism in the capitalist sense of the term.
Published on Jul 27, 2015
        This collaborative ethnographic film is about Skoros, an anti-consumerist collective in Exarcheia, Athens, that run a space where people could come and give, take, or give and take, goods and services without any norms of reciprocity. Soon after came the Greek "Crisis", a new kind of "here and now" focusing less on trying to do things differently and more on urgency, a need to provide solidarity to an increasing number of people that were nearing and falling below the poverty line.
        Could you do this in your community? It only takes a few people and a space to get it started.

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