Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Rubble And Death Are The Hallmarks Of Western Victories.

         Once again the the Western imperialists, claiming the high moral ground have been exposed, as the brutal, savage, warmongering power seekers, that we all know them to be. The latest report from Amnesty International on visiting Raqqa, states that the Western allies attack on the city of Raqqa saw the worst artillery and air-strike bombardment of any city since Vietnam. Their evidence is of total destruction of an entire city with the indiscriminate killing of civilians. Of course the picture the Western imperialists pedal to the world is precision targeting with smart bombs and artillery, taking care never to kill civilians. When you pulverise an entire city with modern fire-power and say that no civilians were killed, you are a lying hypocrite. 
Photos from The Independent:
     This is what a glorious Western victory looks like to an Arab.

From The Independent:
        US, Britain and France inflicted worst destruction 'in decades' killing civilians in Isis-held city of Raqqa, report says, 'More artillery shells were launched into Raqqa than anywhere since the end of the Vietnam war' says Amnesty International
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