Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Anarchist Gems To Read On Line.

       Spirit of Revolt members are as always, little beavers, while the archivist sorts things out, others are diligently scanning documents/pamphlets/booklets, etc., then seeing they are loaded onto the website so that you, no matter where you live, can read, enjoy and learn.
    We have just added a list of pamphlets, etc., in the Charlie Baird Collection, T SOR-6, to our "read on line" feature. These are very interesting and informative works on various aspects of anarchism, from law to economics. So visit the Charlie Baird Collection, and just scroll down and drink in the info.

T SOR-6-7-1, Bolshevism Promises and Reality: An Appraisal of the Results of the Marxist Dictatorship over Russia. G. Maximov.

T SOR-6-7-4, Anarchism and Formal Organizations. Research Group One. No. 23.

T SOR-6-7-5, Selected Writings. Errico Malatesta.

T SOR-6-7-6, Anarchism & Law. Alexei Borovoi.

T SOR-6-7-7, Catechism of the Revolutionist. Sergei Nechayev.

T SOR-6-7-10, Anarchism: arguments for and against, Albert Meltzer

T SOR-6-7-13, Introduction to the Anarchist Communist Association.

T SOR-6-7-14, Anarchist Economics: an alternative for a world in crisis. Abraham Guillen.
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