Friday, 7 September 2018

A World Of Trees Or Tarmac, The Choice Is Ours.

      The Hambach Forest has been a battle ground for a number of years now. The resistance by people from all over against the turning the largest forest of its kind into a mining area has been constant. However, over the last year or so, the authorities have stepped up their brutal and forced eviction. As usual the authorities are on the side of big business and will bring the full force of their trained thugs down on those who resist the march of the corporate world, as it decimates and plunders our world to the detriment of all life.
     This is a call out from the resisters still fighting, against overwhelming odds, within the forest, as there position is being met with consistent and ever increasing force. This is not just about the Hambach Forest, this is about our planet and the well being of all life, it is a battle for a sustainable life or a corporate world of  barren tarmac and industry.

       Right now a large scale police action in the Hambach Forest occupation is taking place! The protest camp fighting against energy company RWEs destruction of land and climate must be sustained until the last tree is standing! The eviction of the occupation is coming ever closer, and the struggle is becoming clearer every day now.
         Climate change does not stop at the borders, and neither does our movement! Therefore we are calling for actions of solidarity to take place all over Germany, all over Europe, and all over the world!
The Hambach Forest occupation has become a focal point in the struggle for climate justice worldwide, and now, as we are preparing for the struggle to come, we need all your support!
      So whether you are climate activists, anarchists, anti­police­brutality organizers, or you simply believe in fighting for justice, the callout is clear:
Organize yourself, take action, and show your solidarity!

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