Monday, 10 September 2018

Couriers Unite

          Our corporate masters never miss a trick when it comes to cutting workers conditions and unloading their responsibilities. So along comes the "gig" economy, sold to the workers as freeing them up, allowing maximum flexible working conditions. Of course what they don't mention is that there is no sick pay, no paid holidays, no guaranteed income, and no protection if anything happens while you are working.  The bosses get a workforce that they have no responsibility for, no national insurance, no responsibility for accidents happening while on the job. It is a win win case for the boss. 
         The conditions that gig economy couriers work under can be dangerous, exhausting, and leave them struggling to pay their way. Most of them come out well below the living wage. However, Glasgow couriers that are tied into the UBER yoke are getting organised, fighting back, and demanding a fair deal. Though that desire in capitalism, is as rare as a two headed hippopotamus flying over Glasgow. That doesn't mean of course, that we should not get organised and take on the bosses for the right to decent working conditions.  
         Let's all get behind the couriers, and give them maximum support, and stand with them in solidarity, their struggle is our struggle.

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