Sunday, 2 September 2018

Under The Fifth Rib.

         September, another month, another opportunity to poke you nose into one more of Spirit of Revolt’s little gems from the past. This month we have chosen a 1939 publication by the Glasgow Anarchist Communist Federation, Under The Fifth Rib, by H. T. Derrett. It is part of our Charlie Baird Collection, T SOR-6-7-23. The Glasgow Anarchist Federation had their address as, 287 Netherton Road Glasgow, has anybody any idea if it is still there, and if so, who or what occupies the place? Enjoy and learn and perhaps peruse the catalogue while there, as over the last month or so we have added a considerable amount of new "Read on line" documents. This is an ongoing process, so keep coming back and do a wee bit of browsing. I'm sure what you find will be rewarding.

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