Friday, 28 September 2018

Forest Protectors Call For Solidarity.

        As the struggle intensifies, the Hambach Forest protectors are calling for a massive show of solidarity on September 30th. This is just one part of the struggle for that better and sustainable world that we all desire. The forest destroyers are at work across the globe, they are international conglomerates backed up by state power. Only by the combined power of the ordinary people can they be defeated. Their desire is for increased profit, power and control for the few, and to hell with the many and the planet. Our solidarity is the winning weapon we possess.  

Originally published by Ende Gelaende. 
         Dear climate activists, forest protectors, environmental, anti-coal, anti-nuclear, anti-racists groups and local Ende Gelände groups!
           For Sunday 30.9.2018 Ende Gelände is calling for a big, decentralised day of action under the slogan „Hambi stays! Coal phase out now!“ We do not want a coal phase-out by 2038 nor 2030, rather we want to get out of coal immediately. We need to get out of this globally devastating dirty energy that has no future.
        RWE, the utility responsible for lignite mining in the area, and the provincial government of North Rhine Westphalia are harming the climate and the future for short term profit – this is resulting in the destruction of the ancient forest Hambacher Forst and the ruthless eviction of the tree houses.
         For the decentralised day of action on the 30.09. we are calling on people in many different cities in Germany and Europe to march for an immediate coal phase out and for the protection of the Hambacher Forst!
       On the same day there will be a traditional forest walk – a weekly demonstration which is slowly but surely turning into a massive demonstration against the eviction and the upcoming cutting season. For updates about the forest walk in Hambacher forest on September 30, see the Facebook event page:, For the coming months, there is also a permanent climate camp nearby in Manheim (not Mannheim) where you can pitch your tent if you want to come earlier or stay later.
         Most importantly: organise marches and creative solidarity actions in your cities!
          Be loud, be visible and say „Hambi stays! Coal phase out now!“
        If you create a Facebook event or Tweets, please share your stories and pictures and let our press and social media gang know, so we can help spread word: (PGP-Key),
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